Recycling Process Morssinkhof Plastics receives first positive EFSA opinion

Lichtenvoorde The European pallet- and container pool organization CHEP has approached Morssinkhof Plastics for a closed loop recycling of a plastic crates, suitable for food contact. The principle of this project was re-using plastic recyclates from a preceding generation crates to produce a new generation crates intended to be used for food packaging.

Plastic recyclates that are used for the manufacturing of food contact packaging, need to be produced by means of a recycling process that complies with the requirements of the new European Legislation (EUR 282/2008). Morssinkhof Plastics and CHEP approached research institute TNO, to file a petition to the EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) for authorizing the recycling process. The essence of the dossier is to demonstrate the decontamination effectiveness for potentially present contaminants originating from use or misuse of the crate. The effectiveness of the decontamination process is essential to guarantee that no rest contaminants can migrate out of the plastic packaging into food. With the authorization of the recycling process by the EFSA, the food safety of the final recyclate is confirmed.

On December 14th 2010, it was announced that the EFSA has given its first positive opinion on the recycling process of Morssinkhof Plastics, for manufacturing of recycled plastics to be used as a raw material for food contact packaging. The approval concerns a closed loop recycling operation of CHEP polypropylene crates recycled by Morssinkhof Plastics.

Morssinkhof Plastics is an important link in this recycling process to comply with the high requirements for food safety. Meanwhile, Morssinkhof Plastics is familiar with the recycling of different plastics (HDPE, PP and PET) that even can be used at 100% for the production of food packaging, so without additional blending of virgin raw materials.

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